Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome to the First Post of the CWL Blog!

As we return to our regular monthly meetings and parish activities, let us take a moment to prepare for the upcoming year.  The 'Prayer of New Beginnings' reminds us that God is with us when the future is uncertain.  We need not be afraid of what is unknown; we just need to have faith that God will be with us to guide us and protect us.  He is with us no matter what happens!

Prayer of New Beginnings
God of new beginnings,
we are walking into mystery.
We face the future, not knowing
what the days and months will bring us
or how we will respond.
Be love in us as we journey.
May we welcome all who come our way.
Deepen our faith
to see all life through your eyes.
Fill us with hope and an abiding trust
that You dwell in us amidst all our joys and sorrows.
Thank You for the treasure of our faith life.
Thank You for the gift of being able
to rise each day with the assurance of
Your walking through the day with us.
God of our past and future,
we praise you.

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